About Dragon Boating

Dragon Boating has a significantly rich history, with traditional Dragon Boating in Southern China for over 2000 years. The Dragon Boat is deeply imbedded in China’s “Dragon” culture, with each boat having an ornately carved dragon’s head at the bow and a tail in the stern. The boat is painted with scales and the paddles represent the dragon’s claws.

In a 12 metre long boat there are 20 people seated two-by-two, a drummer at the front of the boat and a sweep (steerer) at the back of the boat. The 20 Paddlers in the boat work together with strength, technique and most of all timing to move the boat in the water. When racing, the rating of the strokes change throughout the race, generally being fast out of the start, a long reach stroke in the middle of the race and again fast on the 'take it home' at the end of the race, though this can depend on the crew and length of race.


With an emphasis on fun, equality, and camaraderie, we consider ourselves the "fun" club for people wanting to start out with Dragon Boating.

Come along for free trial sessions to see if dragon boating is for you. 


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